Faculty of Education

About the Faculty of Education

This Faculty prepares and trains her students to become professionals, qualified and well trained teachers at the primary, secondary, tertiary and other educational agencies levels. There is no level of education that can rise beyond the quality of its teachers. The Faculty therefore trains and produces highly qualified teachers that can take the quality of education from its present status to the next higher level.

A structure is dependent upon the foundation just as a tree cannot stand without the root(s).  Teachers are the foundation and the pillar of education system in all generations in any country.  Trained and professional teachers is the heartbeat of the Faculty of Education, Bowen University, Iwo.

The objective of the Faculty therefore is the training of professionally, qualified and godly teachers of basic, post basic education, and other educational departments, institutes and agencies that would need their services.


Approval to start a Faculty of Education in Bowen University was given by the National Universities Commission (NUC) through a letter dated 23rd August, 2017 to the Vice-Chancellor.  Earlier in May, 2017, the NUC had sent panels of experts to do resource evaluation visit to some proposed academic programmes in the intended Faculty of Education of the University.  The NUC approved thirteen (13) out of the fourteen programmes proposed to be run in the Faculty of Education.

As a result of this approval, the University launched out with strong publicity in the dailies and The Nigerian Baptist to create awareness of the Faculty and invite interested candidates to apply for admission.

Admission of the first set of Students into the Faculty

At the end of 2017/2018 admission exercise, five students gained admission into the Faculty.  However, by the end of the First Semester, one student changed her admission from Edu/Eng to English studies in Faculty of Humanities. Also, at the end of First Semester, a candidate that was admitted for Edu/Chemistry changed to Educational Management in the Faculty.


The objective of this Department is to train the students to be professionally and creatively qualified in their subject arears so they can live above board in their teaching and other educationally related functions.

The programmes offered here are:

  • Education / English
  • Education / Religious Studies (Christian)
  • Education / Music
  • Education / Economics
  • Business Education
  • Education Management
  • Education Foundation and Curriculum Studies

The objective of this Department is to equip the students with training that will make them to be professionally qualified teachers and educationist that are creative, innovative in their subject areas, so that they can bring about positive changes in their work and all the education domains in their students.

The programmes offered here are:

  • Education / Mathematics
  • Education / Biology
  • Education / Chemistry
  • Education / Computer Science
  • Education / Physics
  • Education / Agricultural Science



The objective of this Department is to equip the students with the theory and practice in Library building, keeping and maintenance as well as adequate knowledge in information science that will make them stand out among their colleagues wherever they found themselves.

The Programme offered here is:

B.L is. Bachelor of Library and Information Science


Meet The Dean

Dr Amos Oyetunde ALABI

Phone & Email

08035034327 and 08073128635

Research focus:

Educational Administration

Policy and Planning

Language Education and Primary Education

School Hours

M-F: 8am – 4pm
Weekends: Closed

Other Faculty Officers

Mrs. Yemisi Oluranti OYENIYAN