Faith & service



i) It is required for all students of Bowen University to belong to the BBSF, there shall be no other religious organization on the campus;

ii) The BBSF officers and the student representative council members are Student Representatives in the University. BBSF officers Election shall take place in the second March semester of every academic session.

iii) The presentation of new BBSF officers shall be done within two weeks of successful conduct of election.  An officer can serve in an office for one year and be re-elected only once after the first year of service;

iv) There shall be BBSF dues to be paid by every student and to be collected by the University.

v) Students are not to take exeat during the BBSF programmes and special events;

vi) BBSF programmes are mandatory for all students;

vii)  All students are expected to come to worship services and BSF programmes with their copies of the Bible.