Vision Statement

The Directorate is positioned to place Bowen University on the Global academic space by initiating, implementing and driving excellent research activities and partnership.

Mission Statements

  1. To build a virile research structure for Bowen University
  2. To increase the research capacity and skills of staff for foremost delivery in and outside the classroom
  3. To initiate research ideas that places premium on communities for Town-Gown relationship and impact
  4. To partner with local and foreign donors for strong research support
  5. To plan requisite engagement strategies for achieving (i) above.


Strategy, Direction and Abridged Plan of activities

  1. Development and implementing research strategies for the University
  2. Be involved in institutional strengthening by sourcing for funds, grants from donor agencies and strategic partnership of Bowen University with various International and national organizations to increase the visibility of the University and expand its network, globally.
  3. Liaise with the University management for the provision of basic facilities in the various laboratories for research (basic equipment, computers in computer labs, chemicals e.t.c)
  4. Instituting a reward system for staff with outstanding publication annually g. assisting with publication charges, payment of subscription to International professional associations etc. Read More

Specific functions of each unit: Research Unit


• Research Development and Management Unit

  1. Assist researchers to develop fundable research proposals;
  2. Compile and maintain databases on grant providers;
  3. Support the researcher in securing funding from external sources;
  4. Compile and maintain databases of raw data generated by all research project in the University.
  5. Implement the research policy of Bowen University;
  6. Identify and set research priorities;
  7. Administer the disbursement of research fund;
  8. Produce an Annual Research Report;
  9. Coordinate, monitor and evaluate research activities.
  10. Organize capacity building workshops (proposal writing, research methodology and publishing, journal article writing, statistical tools training e.t.c)
  11. Disseminate information on Conferences and funding opportunities for fellowships study leaves, postgraduate studies, etc.

• Research Ethics and Integrity Unit

  1. Coordinate and monitor procedures on research using human subjects and animals and monitor policies relating to human behavioral research concerns
  2. Monitor policies relating to research conduct and integrity;
  3. Supervise compliance with ethical regulations guiding research;
  4. Assist researchers in research and instruction related compliance concerns;
  5. Ensure that animal care facilities are maintained in compliance with policy regulations;
  6. Provide administrative support for the relevant ethical review boards;
  7. Prepare and submit annual reports to the Director.

• Intellectual property Unit

  1. Auditing all R &D projects of the University for IP content;
  2. Patenting of all patentable innovations and research results;
  3. Commercialization (exploitation) of patent through licensing or development in an incubator, initiate the creation of high – tech start- ups and spin – offs;
  4. Organize sensitization workshops on IP issues.
  5. Facilitate patent searches and patent information dissemination;
  6. Archive patent documents;
  7. Operate an online database network with relevant agencies
  8. Identification, evaluation and assessment of the novelty of inventions
  9. Applying for IPRs for all rightable research results;
  10. Negotiating equities in joint venture agreements;
  11. Negotiating and drafting of technology Transfer agreements between the University and investors planning to utilize University IP

• Grant Management Unit

  1. Managing grants, vetting annual reports, financial management of grants and vetting of financial reports
  2. Provide logistics and Institutional support(s) to applicants such as nomination letter, referee letters e.t.c
  3. Act as a liaison unit between funders, applicants/grantees and the University
  4. Providing pre- and post-research award management
  5. Coordinate the preparation and implementation of budgets by researchers;
  6. Coordinate the administration of all research grants to the University;
  7. Ensure that all the submitted budgets are in compliance with the budget format;
  8. Handle all retirements and variations and make appropriate reconciliations;
  9. Submit financial reports regularly to the Director.
  10. Work with grant & management unit of bursary to Audit the expenditure of all funds.

Strategic Partnership Unit


External Partnership Unit

  1. Collaborate with the Advancement Office to promote linkages/partnerships between Bowen University and Non-Academic Institutions/Bodies;
  2. Initiate and execute MOUs and Agreements between Bowen University and other Institutions/Bodies;
  3. Promote town-gown initiatives
  4. Collaborating with the industry to establish a technology/industrial park for the commercialization of research output.

Administrative/Legal Unit

  1. Provide administrative and legal support for the Directorate;
  2. Draft and/or review MOUs and Agreements on all matters that fall within the purview of the Directorate;
  3. Ensure that Intellectual Property standards and public rights created from research efforts are not breached;
  4. Liaise with the University Legal Unit on all legal matters between the directorate and members of the University community and the public.

Academic Collaboration Unit

  1. Promote Academic linkages/partnerships between Bowen University and other Institutions;
  2. Coordinate relations with and National and International Organizations
  3. Administer exchange/visiting programmes for staff and students.

Monitoring and Evaluation Unit

  • Carrying out of post-award monitoring of research project


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