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The Faculty of Humanities started in 2011 as a distinct feature of the University with four Departments namely;  Department of Communication and Performing Arts which has three units name; Communication Arts, Music & Theatre Arts, Department of English, Department of History & International Studies and the Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies. The four (4) departments and eight (8) degree programmes of the faculties are:



(B. A. Communication Arts) – 4 years

Communication Arts is unique.  Since communication is vital to human and national development, the programme aims at producing professionals in applied communication, broadcasting, integrated marketing communication, print journalism and print production and publishing, who would employ practical communication skills for personal, corporate and national development. The programme is further enriched with two-term monitored industrial attachments and outside campus exposure so that our graduates,  who have been nurtured on Godliness and Excellence would make a difference by upholding high ethical and moral work standards in their chosen mass communication career areas.


(B. A. Theatre Arts) – 4years

The Theatre Arts programme in Bowen is a good platform for creative ingenuity. The programme explores the relationship of drama, theatre, film and the news media for the advancement of the social, academic and spiritual goals of the institution and the nation. Graduates of this programme are trained to see the world as a stage of immense possibilities. As such. they are equipped with the theoretical and practical base for interplay of industry. culture and technology as core requirement for a global society.


(B. A. Music) – 4years

Music is a universal language. In Bowen. music is fun. The music programme has an exclusive collection of African and non-African musical requirements. In addition. we have competent instructors who are accomplished in different areas of the music field. These areas include but are not limited to Performance. Vocal-instruction and Ethno-musicology. The strength of the programme is the emphasis on creativity arising from the presentation of African traditional music as a contemplative art.




(B. A. English) – 4 years

The Department of English was established to equip the products of the programme with the linguistic and literary skills that will enable them to respond effectively to the challenge of English in its African setting and cope with the requirements of the language in an increasingly global setting. Students are also to be trained as guides to literature and its cultural values and make significant contributions to the needs of the country in areas like communication and cultural development.

Career Options

The study of English enhances one’s competence in spoken and written English and in literary analysis Moreover, students are equipped with the knowledge of the forms and features of the varieties of English used in different professional domains such as Business Communication, Electronics Broadcast Media, Print Journalism, Advertising, Sport Commentaries, Legal Communication, Public Relations, Information Communication Technology, Book Publishing and Creative Writing. With this knowledge, our graduates are able to fit into almost all professions.


The Department has two (2) degree programmes namely:

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in History (B. A. History) – Duration: 4 years
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in History and International Studies (B. A. History and International Studies) – Duration: 4 years
What the course is all about?

The course is a double-discipline of History and International Studies. The history aspect of it exposes students to some historical developments that have taken place around the world in the past with the knowledge of balanced analysis and judgement that comes with it. The International Studies aspect enables students grasp a sound knowledge of the world in which we live especially in relations among the nations of the world.

Career Options

The students are prepared for career in the Foreign Service and the Business World generally. Graduates of these programmes may be engaged in the academics as lecturers and researchers in higher institutions. They could also be engaged as representatives of foreign companies as well as administrators in government and private institutions. higher institutions. They could also be engaged as representatives of foreign companies as well as administrators in government and private institutions.



The Department has two (2) degree programmes namely:

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy (B. A. Philosophy) – 4 years.
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religous Studies (B. A. Religious Studies) – 4 years

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religous Studies

(B. A. Religious Studies) – 4 years

Religious Studies is an academic discipline in humanities which focuses on how religious beliefs and practices interact with society. It does this by equipping students with the necessary tools to think critically, using a multidisciplinary approach to understanding society. Hence, Religious Studies, like other disciplines in Humanities, can enlighten us in understanding why societies advance or recede. With the dominant presence of religion in human relations today, both locally and internationally, a career in Religious Studies is most timely.
Advantages in Pursuing a Career in Religious Studies Beyond popular thinking that graduates of Religious Studies are cut out for religious vocation, they can also serve in other positions and careers that graduates of other fields of Humanities serve, such as teaching, communication and administration. They can also serve in any institution that makes use of graduates of Humanities, and they can excel and rise to the highest level in their chosen careers after graduation.

What to benefit from the Programme
  • A broad knowledge of the vital nature of religion to society’s well being
  • An understanding of the rich diversity of human culture and religious traditions.
  • An interesting exploration of histories of religion, which sheds light on contemporary society
  • Interaction with other disciplines in communication arts, music, international studies, contemporary issues like the environment. peace and conflict studies and entrepreneurship.
  • 50% rebate in school fees when you enroll in the programme.

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