Career guidance and counselling services are important factors in university education, particularly in the production of sound graduates.

The University has a Counselling Office within the Student Affairs Unit charged with the responsibility of providing professional assistance and guidance in preventing academic, personal and/or psychological problems.


The Counselling Office is manned by professional counsellors, and it provides a number of services designed to give insight into students’ educational, vocational and socio-personal problems.  The counselling services include: educational, vocational, appraisal, planning and placement, information, follow up, referral and socio-personal services.

  1. Educational/Academic Service

This service is rendered to students with respect to academic matters, which may include poor academic performance, school phobia, problem with choice of course, lack of motivation to learn, examination phobia and difficulties in adjusting to University environment.

This professional assistance helps to identify, clarify and resolve students’ problems and enables them perform optimally in their academic work.

  1. Vocational Service

The Counselling Office organizes career seminars for students; professionals from different fields are engaged for this purpose.  Students are sensitized on the requirements, qualification, mode of entry and remuneration relating to their profession.

Through these services, students are able to acquire first-hand information about various occupations and even ask questions which will facilitate their decision-making.

iii.        Behavioural Modification Programme

The behavioural modification programme aims at appraising students’ behaviour, identifying tendencies towards anti-social behaviour and assisting in re-directing the focus of students.

This service is achieved through the collection and analysis of series of objective and subjective personal psychological and social data.

  1. Information Service

The Counselling Office provides educational information, such as award of scholarship and bursary,vocational and socio-personalinformation that are designed to help students adjust to the environment and help develop their full potentials.

  1. Follow-Up Service

This service is to check if the client/student in question is doing well and is progressing as planned. If not, these follow up sessions are used to work with the client some more if he/she is still having trouble functioning.

  1. Referral Service

In certain circumstances, students may be referred by the counselling section to experts in specialized fields.

vii.       Socio-Personal Service

This service focuses on the students’ socio-personal problems relating to personality maladjustments, which may result into unhappiness, anger, frustration, truancy, failure, lack of motivation, confusion, inferiority complex, loneliness, aggressiveness and shyness. Psychological problems such as psychosis, neurosis and drug addiction are also addressed.